SEO or PPC? Which Web Marketing Strategy is more Effective?


* PPC allows more control over flexibility of budget
* PPC allows adjustments to be made on short notice
* PPC results are seen more quickly than with SEO
* Very few changes to the website are required with PPC
* PPC brings more targeted leads to the website
* PPC is a great way to support short-term promotions
* If a business is already number 1 in SEO, PPC can remove advertising space from competitors.
* PPC has 1.2 times SEO’s conversion rate


* SEO is crucial in terms of a long term strategy for online businesses
* SEO gets 7 times more clicks than PPC. More website visitors means more clients
* Around 10% of search marketing dollars are spent on SEO. The rest is spent on PPC.
* This means that 10% of search marketing spend is focused on where 90% of the clicks come from.
* In the long run, SEO can be more cost effective than PPC, especially for more competitive keywords.
* An effective SEO strategy can remove space for a bad reputation through negative reviews.
* SEO takes advertising space away for the competition
* SEO helps improve AdWords Quality Scores
* Some SEO strategies such as video SEO can achieve page 1 results relatively quickly.

When examining the two search marketing strategies, there was no clear winner between SEO and PPC. They both have unique advantages that can be used to achieve different goals. In most cases, it’s important to have a combined, holistic strategy to search marketing. The combined use of PPC and SEO provides more of a significant lift for each listing than only appearing in one or the other. A combined strategy also allows you to reach a more broad search audience. So, our conclusion is to first identify your businesses objectives and then choose the best suited search marketing method, SEO, PPC or both – to accomplish those objectives.