SEO Services – Plans and Pricing

We provide one of the most high quality and high performance SEO services in the industry.  We utilize both traditional and unique optimization techniques strategically designed to quickly and effectively increase your website’s Search Engine Rank and Placement on your targeted keywords. All of our techniques and operations are White Hat, performed manually and confining to Google regulations to produce long-lasting results and traffic. Each of our SEO Plans are strategically designed for a different level of competition. If your a small business with little to no competition – One of our low-tier SEO Plans would be recommended. For businesses or websites in a more competitive market or for priority results, one of our higher-tier levels would be preferred.

We have helped improve the Search Engine Placement of over 400 clients in some of the most competitive markets in the world. Let us do the same for you!


Local SEO

A must for small local businesses that need to reach their audience.


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Essential SEO

An affordable plan to target customers. Best for low competition.


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Standard SEO

Perfect for small businesses or website with mild competition.


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Enterprise SEO

Our Enterprise SEO plan is strategically designed to increase your website’s search engine ranking and placement on highly competitive keywords. This plan is ideal for any business or website serious about getting their business to the next level on the internet.

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Custom SEO

Our team will be glad to set a customized SEO plan in your budget.

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We are up front with you

One thing you will notice on our SEO Plans is that we actually show our pricing to you directly. A lot of the other companies in this field will not directly show you their SEO pricing on their websites. Here at Devumi, we feel this is just bad business. Sure you can try and get people on the phone for the hard sell, but does anyone really want to be treated like that? We know we don’t. So take a look at our SEO services and of course our SEO pricing and make some informed decisions before ordering or contacting us.

Why is SEO pricing so different around the industry?

On the few SEO Service websites that you will find pricing on (or the ones you personally take the time to get quotes from) you may notice many different prices. There are multiple reasons for this. One of the big reasons is the amount of change in this industry. Every week we have to read articles and new techniques to stay up-to-date. Search engines change their algorithms constantly, so we have to constantly modify and improve your techniques to keep up. Some SEO Companies and/or specialist just don’t take the time to update their techniques and stick with outdated techniques, which become less and less effective. That leads us to another reason; everyone does SEO different. Some companies will claim they can do the work in 3 hours when it would take an SEO professional 8 to get the work done properly. If you see pricing far below anyone else you have either run into an outsourcer/reseller – someone who farms the work to people in other countries who are willing to work for nearly nothing and the work shows it. In other occasions, a low SEO price may mean the person or companies utilizes Black Hat SEO Techniques – automated software to build backlinks, post articles, and more. While this method may improve your search engine ranking quickly, search engines like Google frown upon it and will penalize your website or remove it entirely from their search results when they discover Black Hat was used. The last factor is, of course, that there just aren’t any standards. We all have to gauge what we think our time is worth and base pricing on that. This leaves the decision on what good SEO service is worth to the SEO clients.