Twitter Automatic Engagements


Twitter Engagements

Receive high-quality Retweets & Favorites on all of your tweets automatically. Prepay Plan (One-Time Payment).

How To Order


1. Choose Your Plan

Plans are setup based on Daily Engagements (ie. the maximum number of retweets and favorites you’ll receive within 24 hours on your tweets). These engagements are split among your tweets on that day and reset at midnight (EST). Every time you tweet, you’ll receive a portion of those engagements. By default, we automatically determine how to split engagements based on your past tweeting habits, but you also have the option to customize it based on your needs.


2. Select Your Term

This plan is a Non-Recurring plan, meaning you’re only charged once. You can order for the default 1 month and pay as you go, or you can select a longer term (up to 1 year) and receive discounts the longer your term.


3. Customize It (Optional)

By default, we split your engagements automatically (based on your tweeting habits). Retweets and Favorites will be split randomly. We’ll also ignore any Replies or Retweets you make (so we won’t engage them). All of these options are customizable.

For Customizing your Split, keep in mind that the more Engagements Per Tweet you select, the less tweets will be engaged on any given day. So if you tweet a lot, choose a smaller split. If you tweet just a handful of times a day, you can choose a larger split.

Our Twitter Engagements service is an incredibly effective way of standing out and being heard on Twitter. It’s a known fact that the more retweets and favorites a tweet receives, the more value and visibility it will have.