tag:status.devumi.top,2005:/history devumi Status - Incident History 2017-07-26T04:04:55-04:00 devumi tag:status.devumi.top,2005:Incident/1282864 2017-07-09T16:52:21-04:00 2017-07-09T16:52:21-04:00 YouTube Views Campaign Delays <p><small>Jul 9, 16:52 EDT</small><br><strong>Resolved</strong> - Our YouTube Views service is now in full swing. All campaigns should be moving forward.</p><p><small>Jul 6, 08:47 EDT</small><br><strong>Monitoring</strong> - Currently in final staging of completing our maintenance and analysis for our new YouTube Views service. Likely restarting existing orders and campaigns today.</p><p><small>Jul 3, 12:22 EDT</small><br><strong>Identified</strong> - Our YouTube Views service is currently undergoing maintenance & deep analysis as a result of a recent YouTube Algorithm update. Expect a temporary interruption of service for all new and active campaigns. Should be resolved within 48 hours.</p>