Two weeks ago I made mention of the Google+ and YouTube backlash and spoke more on what it meant to companies and their social media profiles. That’s primarily what we deal with here as we try to increase your effective use of social media.

I stand by my feelings on the Google+ and YouTube comment integration from those 2 weeks ago, but the continued backlash from YouTube users is prompting me to put on the unbiased hat and delve into why the backlash over Google+ now being a requirement for YouTube commenters is such a hot topic.
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One of the absolute filthiest places on the internet is not, as you’d expect, a website with three x’s associated with it. Believe it or not it is the YouTube comments section. For years now they have been done through unverified accounts, basically anonymously, and this brought out the worst in people.

Some of the worst bile in the world was spilled all over YouTube comments and the billion dollar company has decided to do something about it. YouTube, owned by Google, is now to only allow comments that are either linked to a Google+ account or their own YouTube channel.

NBC touched on it lightly in their conservative major network way. We’ll be looking at it a bit closer and take the time to consider what it means for your business.
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