When most people get on their computer and hop on the internet, they’re usually searching for something, checking out what their friends are doing on Facebook or buying something from Amazon or eBay. It’s all about convenience – your computer is your one stop shop for absolutely everything. So what’s stopping you from adding “getting paid” to that list.

Most people think you have to be a marketing genius to successfully make money on the internet. That you’d have to spend years learning thousands of techniques and skills such as web design, programming, internet marketing, seo – and then endlessly test different methods an techniques to see which is most effective and works best. The simple fact is, it’s all true. To become a successful  internet entrepreneur, it takes years of learning, reading, observation, analyzing, testing, optimizing,  and so much more.

However, you don’t need to know any of that! Devumi is comprised of independent, highly successful internet entrepreneurs with years of experience and an outstanding level of success. Our Internet Entrepreneurs  will use their extensive knowledge and experience to strategically design  highly profitable and automated website just for you.

Autopilot Website Packages

Original Package

This package includes a professionally and strategically designed website built for the purpose of making money. It utilizes two extremely high converting methods of generating revenue, as well as an automatic blog with regularly updated content. This website uses a unique Long-Tail SEO technique to automatically reach your targeted visitors, naturally and freely.

Price: $1899

Plus Package

Our Plus Package includes all the features of the Original Packages, and introduces several new features such as a completely integrated and automatic amazon shopping cart system. We also introduce three high converting landing pages and two month of our Standard Search Engine Optimization Plan (a $1498 value). We extensively designed this package to give you the highest and fastest return on investment – more traffic and more money – faster.

Price: $3099



About it

An autopilot website is a highly profitable online business that requires little to no management and has a high return on investment. You only contribution is the website’s topic/niche, your investment and the web hosting. Our team of extremely successful and experienced internet entrepreneurs will strategically plan each and every element of the website, from start to finish. Afterwards, our teams of Web Designers, Web Developers, SEO Specialist and Marketers will put in their part for the creation of your fully automated money making website.

The money

Each autopilot website we create is strategically designed, copy-written and optimized to naturally reach a specific target audience and generate the most profit possible – through tactically placed medians of pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-sale.