What are Sponsored Mentions?

I'm Huge on TwitterIf you haven’t been hiding under a rock for the past six years, then chances are, you know what Twitter is, and have maybe even use it on a regular basis. The social media network actually pioneered three new ideas to the world of social communication including the always-popular 140 character limit, to keep conversations short and meaningful; #Hashtags, to connect¬†relevant¬†topics, ideas, or phrases; and lets not forget one of the most important elements, @mentions.

Twitter Mentions allow you to easily mention someone else on Twitter by using the “@” before their Twitter username – No need to write their full name, or copy a long link to their Twitter Account. Mentions make it easy and convenient to mention anyone on Twitter, whether you’re replying to someone’s tweets, want to mention your friends in a tweet to make it more valuable, or want your followers to follow someone else you think you may like. Mentions are very useful and have become the norm on Twitter and many other social networks integrating the idea.

So what are Sponsored Mentions? Sponsored Mentions are paid tweets that @mention a particular Twitter user, with the goal of getting their account more exposure, credibility and followers with a genuine interest.  These mentions are usually tweeted by highly reputable Twitter users with large quantity of loyal and targeted followers in their own respective fields.

Paid Tweets? …sounds fishy.

Not at all. The Tweeters will only tweet about and mention someone they would have normally mentioned, except now they’re getting paid for it. The Followers (the people following the Tweeter), now have a chance to discover new, relevant people and even follow them if you’re interested. The Mentionee (the user being mentioned) now is able to gain more exposure and recognition to their Twitter account, along with a¬†healthy, natural dose of active and targeted followers. It’s a win-win-win¬†scenario.

Sponsored Mentions is currently¬†available¬†as an Add-On Service with Devumi’s Twitter Follower service, and will also been¬†available¬†later this year on our sister site – Sponsored Mentions.

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  1. Nick February 9, 2013 at 2:28 pm #

    Sponsored mentions is an absolutely amazing service. I purchased the service last week and get tons of real followers from it.

    Good article btw. Explains the service perfectly.

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